Wholesale 600W Portable Power Station LiFePO4 Battery NEO600 DARAN

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Basic SpecificationsModelNEO 600
ColorStar Grey, Fresh Green, Vibrant Yellow, Sapphire Blue
Shell MaterialABS+PC
Net Weight6.6 kg
Dimension30 x 18 x 21 cm
BatteryBattery TypeLiFePO4
Cycle LifeAbout 3000 cycles (remaining capacity ≥ 80%)
InputDC Input10-19V 3.42A (90W Max)
AC Input-
Solar Input18V 5A /20V 5A (100W Max)
OuputAC Output Power600W (1200W Max); US: 60Hz JP: 50Hz/60Hz CN/EU/AU/UK: 50Hz;
AC Rated Output VoltageUS/JP: 100V-120V;CN/EU/AU/UK: 220V-240V;
DC OutputUSB-A1x1: 5V 3A /9V 2A /12V 1.5A(18W Max); USB-A2x1: 5V 3A (15W Max); USB Type-Cx1: 5V 3A /9V 3A /12V 3A /15V 3A; /20V 3A(60W Max); Cigar Lighter Outputx1: 12V 8A (120W Max);
InsuranceGlobal Liability Insurance
AC Outlet OptionPlug Type US/EU/UK/JP/Universal
charging methodAC+MPPT charging at the same time
Fast charging1.5H full charge
Multiple Unit ParallelSupport Multiple Unit Parallel
bidirectional inverterSupport bidirectional inverter

Charging You Power Station

Use AC Charging Cable to Charge Power Station

Use Solar Panel to Charge Power Station

Use 12V Cigarette Lighter to Charge Power Station

Parts Name & Function

① LED Display: Display theworking status of the power station.

② Reset Switch: Press the switch with a needle for 3 seconds to reset the BMS.

③ DC5521 Output Socket: DC5521 output socket x2 with DC12V-10A output. When the two DC5521 ports are used simultaneously, each port is 12V-5A.

④ Cigarette Lighter Output Female Socket: DC12V-10A output for cigarette lighter device.

⑤ USB C-1 Port: Support PD100W output. Compatible with various PD protocol devices.

⑥ USB A Port: Quick Charge 3.0 port with output 18W. Compatible with QC3.0 protocol devices.

⑦ USB C-2 Port: Support PD 60W output. Compatible with various PD protocol devices. 5V-3A when used simultaneously with USB-A.

⑧ DC Switch Button: Long press to activate the USB, DC5521, and cigarette lighter output. Short press again to close all DC outputs.

⑨ DC5525 Input Port: Adapter and solar charging interface (Max 10A).

⑩ AC Switch Button: Long press the AC switch for 1 second to activate the AC output. Short press to turn off the AC output.

⑪ AC Output Port: For matching AC output voltage devices.

⑫ LED Light Bar: With 2 levels of brightness, flashing mode, and SOS mode.

⑬ LED Switch Button: Long press for 1 second to light up (100% brightness), and press again to switch between 50% brightness, flashing mode, and SOS mode. Last press to turn off the LED light.

⑭ AC Input Port: AC input cable connection socket.

LED Screen Display

① Output indicator: This icon lights up when the power station has output.

② Input indicator: This icon lights up when the external power is charging the power station.

③ Solar Charging Indicator: This icon lights up when the solar panel is connected

④ Hibernation Indicator: This icon lights up when the device enters the hibernation mode when there is no working state.

⑤ AC Indicator: This icon lights up when the AC is turned on and there is AC output.

⑥ USB Indicator: This icon lights up When the DC is turned on with USB output.

⑦ Snowflake Indicator: This icon lights up when working at low temperature.

⑧ Power Indicator: Each block represents 20% of the battery power.

⑨ Output AC Voltage and Frequency: This icon shows the current AC output voltage and frequency.

⑩ DC Indicator: This icon lights up when the DC output is turned on.

⑪ LED Indicator: When the LED is turned on, the LED lighting is light up and this icon is light up at the same time.

⑫ Thermometer Indicator: When the temperature inside the machine reaches the temperature protection threshold, the power station will turn off the output automatically and this icon will light up.

⑬ Alarm Indicator: This icon lights up when the device is malfunctioning. (This icon does not light up when the battery pack has no malfunctioning).


Lithium iron phosphate is safer

A new generation of lithium iron phosphate battery (LiFePO4 battery) is used to avoid the potential hidden dangers of traditional batteries. It has 3500 charge and discharge cycles and has a stable ultra-high discharge rate. The voltage, current, short circuit, and temperature safety index you care about can be detected in real time by the BMS battery system to ensure safe operation of charging and discharging.

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No battery anxiety is the real fun!

camping, night fishing, more enjoyable projectors and drones,
Can meet the needs, even if it rains,The AC socket and DC port are also thoughtfully prepared with dust covers.street performances, mobile booths, outdoor photography,
Crazy party, get it all done.


Portable power station *1

MC4-DC5521 charging cable *1

USB-C TO USB-C charging cable *1

Cigarette lighter-DC5521 charging cable *1

User Manual *1


NEO 600 adopts a new generation of LiFePO4 battery, which is high safety, long life, and good heat resistance.

Please contact customer service for troubleshooting. Do notdisassemble the machine by yourself.