About the company

China Shenzhen Daran New Energy Technology Co.,Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Dongguan Mentech Optical & Magnetic Co., Ltd. (Stock Code:002902 Click for details). 

Relying on the resource background of Chinese listed companies, through the integration of first-class R&D capability, sufficient capital and global leading own supply chain, we can provide the most cost-effective products and solutions to fully solve the cost and process problems for our customers.

Company overivew

The headquarters was successfully listed in September 2017 (code 002902) In 2021, Mingpu Subsidiary Daran New Energy Company will be established

listed company


The manufacturing center covers many places in Dongguan, Biyang, Jiangxi, and Vietnam, laying out the industrial chain at home and abroad



The most advanced domestic production lines and large-scale aging workshops have an annual production capacity of up to 1.2 million units.

production capacity



Transform and upgrade to a smart factory to realize smart manufacturing

Automated production is one of the key points of our factory development, and the current product line has achieved large-scale fully automated production. We continue to iteratively update multiple automated production lines and realize flexible production of some products. For products and production links that are still difficult to automate, we also actively cooperate with automation manufacturers to jointly develop equipment to meet the needs of more customers.

Factory Video

China Central Television recommended portable power station factory

On April 21, 2023, at the 133rd Canton Fair, China National Television visited our factory for an interview.

Certification Company

Having a professional laboratory

Dimensional and physical property inspection

Electrical performance test

Climate environment test

Mechanics environment experiment

Component structure and failure analysis

Hazardous substance inspection

Quality Assurance

Professional Supply Chain Management System

Supplier Certification Management

Strictly evaluate supplier qualifications to ensure the introduction of high-quality suppliers

Supplier audit management

Carry out annual supplier audits, and the quality of suppliers continues to meet the requirements

Supplier Performance Management

Regularly evaluate supplier performance and give high-quality suppliers a larger share

Supplier Continuous Improvement

Dedicated to improvement, meet quality challenges and opportunities

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, I am a listed company factory (stock code: 002902), we have first-class production lines, first-class research and development strength.

Yes, we use customized brands, if you buy a large quantity, we can design very satisfying batteries for you.

T/T at least 30% of the payment as a deposit, and the rest of the payment before delivery. Throughout the process of the transaction, we will show you the progress details of the production.

Our Solar Generator products can be delivered within 3 days if shipped from an overseas warehouse.

We work with professional forwarders specializing in battery shipment and can ship our products by sea or air.

 DARAN solar power station can power most household appliances, but it depends on the output power of the specific power station.

Our all Portable Power Station Solar Generator have a UPS function, safe to use.

Yes, we offer customization services. Please provide us with specific requirements, and we will reply promptly.

We have overseas branches that can provide repair and replacement services.

Please leave your contact information, and our sales manager will contact you to arrange a sample.

Our company has a strong R&D team and produces the main parts of our products in-house, which allows us to maintain control over product quality from the source.

Our company independently develops and produces the main core components of our products, such as hardware, software, BMS, structure, and ID.

Yes, we do offer these services, but there is a minimum order quantity required.

Our products have acquired CE, FCC, UL, and PSE certificates, which meet the import requirements of most countries.

We work with professional forwarders who specialize in battery shipments.

Our products below 1000W have a 1-year warranty, products between 1000W and 2000W have a 2-year warranty, and home system machines have a 5-year warranty. For minor issues, we will provide maintenance instructions and spare parts. If the product cannot be repaired within the warranty period, we will provide a new product replacement.

Please refer to the product manual for details. As long as the noninductive load does not exceed our rated load, it should be able to power these devices.

We have matching solar panels, if there are many demand experts can help you answer questions about solar panels