Wholesale 1500W Portable Power Station LiFePO4 Battery NEO1500 DARAN

Basic SpecificationsModelNEO 1500
ColorStar Grey, Fresh Green, Vibrant Yellow, Sapphire Blue
Shell MaterialABS+PC
Net Weight16.2 kg
Dimension40 x 21 x 30 cm
BatteryBattery TypeLiFePO4
Cycle LifeAbout 3000 cycles (remaining capacity ≥ 80%)
InputDC Input-
Solar InputXT60 33~60V/20A (600W Max)
OuputAC Output Power1500W(2000W Max);US: 60Hz JP: 50Hz/60Hz CN/EU/AU/UK: 50Hz;
AC Rated Output VoltageUS/JP: 100V-120V;CN/EU/AU/UK: 220V-240V;
DC OutputUSB-Ax4: 5V-3.6A / 9.0V 2.5A / 12.0V 2A (24W Max); When used simultaneously: 5V/2.4A; USB Type-Cx2: 5V-3A / 9V-3A / 15V-3A / 20V-3A/20V-5A(Max 100W); Cigar Lighter Outputx1: 12V-8A (120W Max); Wireless Charger Outputx1: 5W/7.5W/10W;
InsuranceGlobal Liability Insurance
AC Outlet OptionPlug Type US/EU/UK/JP/Universal
charging methodAC+MPPT charging at the same time
Fast charging1.8H full charge
Multiple Unit ParallelSupport Multiple Unit Parallel
bidirectional inverterSupport bidirectional inverter

Parts Name & Function

① AC Output Port: For matching AC output voltage devices.

② Overload Protection Switch: When the external device is disconnected after exceeding the overload protection, after removing the overload devices, simply press the button of the overload protection switch back manually to reset.

③ AC Input Port: AC input cable connection socket.

④ XT60 Input Port: To charge the internal battery pack by the Solar energy input port.

⑤ LED Display: Showing working statuses and parameters.

⑥ USB-C Port 2: Support PD100W (20V/5A) output. Compatible with various PD protocol devices.

⑦ DC Switch Button: Long press untilthe LED screen lights up (about 3 seconds) to activate the USB, DC5521, and cigarette lighter output. Short press again to close all DC outputs. When the DC output is activated, long press the DC button for 10 seconds to reset the DC board.

⑧ USB-C Port 1: Support PD100W (20V-5A) output. Compatible with various PD protocol devices. This USB-C port supports DC board firmware upgrades.

⑨ USB A Port: From right toleft are A1-A4 ports. Support QC3.0 fast charging when each port is used alone. 5V/2.4A when used at the same time.

⑩ DC5521 Output: DC5521 output socket x4 with DC12V/10A output.

⑪ Cigarette Lighter Output Female Socket: DC12V-10A output for cigarette lighter device.

⑫ AC Switch Button: Long press the AC switch for 1 second toactivate the AC output. Short press to turn off the AC output.

⑬ Ambient Light: This decorative light bar lights up with the power station working status by default, and can be switched on and off by DC buttons.

⑭ LED Light Bar: With 2 levels of brightness, flashing mode, and SOS mode.

⑮ LED Light Button: Long press for 1 second to light up (100% brightness), short press to switch between 50% brightness, flashing mode, and SOS mode. Press again to turn off the LED light.

LED Screen Display

① Low Temp Indicator: This icon will light up when working at a low temperature.

② High Temp Indicator: When the temperature inside the machine reaches the temperature protection threshold, the device will turn off the output, and this icon will light up.

③ Alarm Indicator: This icon will light up when the device is malfunctioning. (This icon won’t light up when the battery pack has not malfunctioned.

④ Solar Charging Indicator: This icon will lightup when the solar panel is connected.

⑤ Hibernation Ind icator: This icon will light up when the hibernation mode is on. Note: When hibernation mode is turned off, you can charge the devices for a longtime or charge devices with low power, such as for shooting time-lapse movies,or charging wireless earbuds.

⑥ Power Percentage Indicator: The battery power level icon.

⑦-⑩ AC Output Voltage and Frequency Display Icon: The icon lights up when the corresponding voltage and frequency are output. For example, when the output is 230V/50Hz, the icons for 230V and 50Hz will light up on the screen.

⑪ Power Indicator: Each block represents 20% of the battery power.

⑫ USB Indicator: This icon will light up when the USB output is activated.

⑬ DC Indicator: This icon will light up when the DC output is activated.

⑭ Input Power: Displays the current input power.

⑮ IN Indicator: The input icon will light up when charging.

⑯ Charge/Discharge Time: The remaining charging time is displayed when charging, and the remaining dischargeable time is displayed when discharging.

⑰ Output Power: Displays the current output power

⑱ OUT Indicator: The output icon will light up when AC/DC output is activated.

⑲ LED Light Ind icator: When the LED light is activated this icon will light up at the same time.

⑳ AC Indicator: This icon will light up when the AC output activated.

Charging You Power Station

Charging with an Original AC Cable

Charging with Solar Panel

Don't Worry About Going Out

fast charge

The device is equipped with self-developed charging technology,
It only takes 90 minutes to charge from 0% to 80%, and it takes 2 hours to fully charge!
Forgot to charge when going camping? Multiple charging modes come to the rescue!
The included AC cable enables fast charging of the device,
No need to carry around a bulky AC adapter; go out and find your device dead?
Solar or car charging are both supported.
When natural disasters cause power outages, don’t worry about no power available

Household UPS power supply

When there is a sudden power failure at home, the device can automatically switch to UPS power supply within 10 milliseconds to provide power for electrical equipment below 2000W.

The device supports direct charging, which can supply power to the mobile phone while charging the power supply. If the device and other electrical appliances connected to the device are charged at the same time, the procedure of charging the device after the other electrical appliances are fully charged.

*Note: The backup time of the power supply of this machine is 15ms, which is only suitable for power supply of household equipment, and cannot be used for power supply of large servers.


portable power station *1

AC charging cable *1

USB-C TO USB-C cable *1

MC4 TO XT60 solar charging cable *1

User Manual *1


NE01500 adopts a new generation of LiFePO4 battery, which is high safety, long life, and good heat resistante

NE01500 uses MPPT solar charging.

When the AC output is turned on, the inverter will be started, and there is a no-load power consumption of less than 10W. When the power station is not in use, please close each output interface to prevent battery power drained out.

It is not a malfunction. This is the sound of the coolingfan running. The fan dissipates the internal heat and keeps the battery working in a good temperature environment.

The remaining power displayed on the LED screen may differ from the actual remaining power after the first use or after a period of long-term use. If this happens, don’t worry. This is because the BMS goes into learning mode. After the first use or use for a long period of time, the battery pack needs to be fully charged and discharged twice so that the BMS can re-learn and correct the battery power level. DaranEner is working hard to improve the accuracy of the displayed data Specific operation steps: ① Use (fully discharge) the power station to 0% ② Then charge the battery to 100% and leave it for 3 hours or more, and fully discharge again (Repeatthe above discharge and charge operations twice). If the problem persists, please contact customer service.

Please contact customer service for troubleshooting. Do not disassemble the product by yourself.

Yes, NE01500 supports the UPS function. If the power consumption required by the connected external device exceeds the power supply of the internal battery, the AC charging input will power the connected external device first, suspendingthe charging of the power station. In the event of a sudden power failure, the UPS function can switch the mains to the internal battery power within 20ms.

When NE01500 is not in use,there is almostno natural discharge( turningoff all switches). If it is stored for a long time after being fully charged, it can still retain more than 80% of the power after 3 months. If for emergency backup use, please check the remaining power at least every 3 months.

NE01500 cannot be carried on aircraft or shipped by air

NE01500 uses an MPPT charge and discharge controller. The rated input voltage of the XT60 port for solar charging is 33-60V. The car cigarette lighter can only provide 12V/24V charging voltage. Therefore, the XT60 interface of NE01500 does not support chargingfrom the car cigarette lighter socket. If you want to charge the NE01500 through your car’s cigarette lighter socket in an emergency, you can charge the NE01500 from the car battery by connectingthe included AC charging cable to a car cigarette lighter inverter/converter (Note: the car inverter/converter is not included in the package, please buy it separately).