Wholesale 100W Solar Panel DARAN SP100

Peak Power Pm100W
Open Circuit Voltage Voc24.0V
Max. Power Voltage Vmp20.0V
Max. Power Current Imp5.00A
Short Circuit Current Lsc5.25A
Solar Cells Efficiency22.0%
Solar Panel Model&Number50W/20V*2pcs
Folding Size550*568*35mm
Deployment Size1100*568*25mm
Net Weight/KG3.2kg
Solar CelHigh-efficiency A-Level;Monocrystalline Silicon Cells;
Solar Panel Front CoverTransparent ETFE; Transparent Composite Material; on the Surface of the Cell to; Enhance Protection (Optional);
Solar Panel BackboardFiberglass Board (Optional)
Output PortStandard USB Fast Charging Port; (Peak: 5V*3A;9V*2A;12V*1.5A)*1+; Type-C(PD Max 60W)(Peak: 5V*3A; 9V*3A;12V*3A;15V*3A;20V*3A )*1 +; Solar Panel Direct Outlet 16AWG*1.5m; with Photovoltaic Connector Accessories: Extension Cable: 16AWG*1.5m (with ; Photovoltaic Connector to XT60 Male; Connector) (Optional/Customized);
Solar Folding Handbag MaterialGray(Waterproof Style); (Support to Customized Color/Pattern; Support Silkscreen Imprint);
Rated Operating Temperature/RangeRated Operating Temperature: 48±2°C;Operating Temperature Range: -40°C- +85°C;
Waterproof GradeIp54

Solar panel size

Expanded front view

Expanded back view

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1. Please read this instruction manual carefully before using and using the product correctly. Please keep this instruction manual in a safe place.

2. Do not expose your device, batteries, or power station to be charged to direct sunlight.

3. Wipe dust and dirt regularly with a wet soft cloth soaked in water and wrung out. (Do not use detergent).

4. Do not use unsuitable cables.

5. Do not forcefully pull or bend the cable or place heavy objects on top of the cable.

6. This product may be damaged by pressure, impact, or drop. Please handle the product with care during transportation and storage.

7. Do not damage the surface of the solar panel with sharp objects or knives.

8. Please avoid water or other liquids from entering the charging port or the MC4 connector. Do not touch the charging cable or connector with wet hands.

9. Please avoid conductive foreign objects (metal pieces, pencil lead,etc.) from touching the charging port or charging terminal, and do not allow dust to enter the interior.

10. Do not disassemble, repair, or modify this product by yourself. This may result in electric shock, fire, or accident. We do not assume responsibility for accidents caused by this.

11. Do not store the product in a humid, dusty, or hot place.

12. Do not use, store, or leave this product in high temperatures, such as near a fire or stove, or in a car in hot weather.


The SP100 100w solar panel is suitable for DaranEner NEO300 portable power station.

1,Unfold the solar panel and adjust it to the angle of direct sunlight.

2,Connect the solar panel to MC4-DC5521 cable through the MC4 connector and connect it to the DC5521 input port of the power station.

3,Please check the input voltage of the power station to be connected before use. The solar input port specifications of the device to be charged must be compatible with the SP100 solar panel output specifications and MC4 connector.

Package Contents

SP100 Solar Panel

MC4-DC5521 Solar Charging Cable

Warranty Card

User Manual